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Mai Honda is a Japanese model, actress and singer.

She worked as a tv personality then to be a model and work not only in Japan but also overseas. She is currently working  in HongKong.

She had several appearances in cosmetic advertisements also known as a model of MAQUIA-shueisya magazine-with her transparent skin.

Posses with friendly character and good acting skills, she also appeared in several industries advertisement.

She schooled herself and acquired good skills in dancing ballet, jazz and cheer dance for almost 9 years. She appeared in Video/TVCM advertisement using her skills. 

In 2012, she won the Best jeanist awards. Then she became a member of a girls jpop unit 'jeanist'. And they have performed in Thailand, Taiwan and Los Angels during the Japan Expo. 

She hosted the Japan Expo in Los Angels in English.

In 2016, she hosted the 'ZARD what a beautiful memory 25th anniversary'. 

As an entertainer she is attracting a lot of attention.

Mai Honda

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